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Läsäkoski offers fishable stream for fly fishermen clearly more than any other destination in Southern Finland. At the Middle Rapids the beat is 870m totally and at the Lower Rapids the stretch is 660m. There is hardly another fly fishing destination in Southern Finland that is so versatile and comprehensive. Book your fishing  Read more


A lot is happening trough the year at Läsäkoski. Barn dancing, competitions, canoe paddling, adventure trips and a lot else. For an easy example you can simply explore the Myllysaari nature path.  Read more

The Mansion

The historic atmosphere of the mansion of Läsäkoski and gorgeous river nature offer great environment to spend quality time at Läsäkoski. The facilities are great for outdoor people and as well for arranging a meeting or celebration. It is a great idea too, in the middle of the activities of the day, to have a break in the café. There you can have salty or sweet snack to gain your energy. Read more


Läsäkoski Suprisingly Near

Läsäkoski In Southern Savo, at the border of Kangasniemi and Mikkeli, is gorgeous trough four seasons of the year.  The facilities are great for outdoor people and as well for arranging a meeting or celebration. Läsäkoski is located at the neck of land between lakes Kyyvesi and Puulavesi.  In early 1600s Läsäkoski was important fishery of the king of Sweden. Later in 1800s there was established a mill and sawmill. Läsäkoski offers unique environment where to fly fish big wild brown trout In the café of the manor you can enjoy fresh baking and a cup of tea or coffee. Dining at Läsäkoski is no problem if you remember to call us in advance. We are developing Läsäkoski area to be a versatile and attractive destination for people who like the nature. [/one_third]

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Best Brown Trout Fishing in Southern Finland


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